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Tax Planning

During times of greater austerity measures, tax planning is an important element of managing your financial affairs.

Even with a simple approach tax savings may be found. Montpellier help clients to structure their assets as tax efficiently as possible, whether this is a simple transfer between husband and wife to pay lower amounts of bank interest or to more complicated structures including companies and trusts.

Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts are investments into small and start up UK businesses.

These specialist investments have significant tax advantages associated with them. We believe that these structures have great benefits within a client’s portfolio especially when the tax incentives are considered. 

The Government have recently increased the tax reliefs available on these products which therefore gives us greater confidence when reviewing and placing clients into these investments. When we also consider that an investors portfolio will be diversified by access to a selection of small UK companies then in certain circumstances an EIS or VCT investment may be suitable.

Profit ExtractionMany of our clients are private business owners and entrepreneurs who have assets and cash holdings within a corporate structure. We help these clients to review their remuneration strategies, which can allow them to distribute company profits in a tax efficient manner.

We also assist clients to plan their exit from a business;this could include a sale of the business or a directors retirement.  Setting up a business in the correct way is very important,failure to review a partnership or shareholder agreement could cause later complexities that are both time consuming from a management perspective and also can expose you to additional costs.

We often work with our client's tax advisers, or we have partners that we link with who are able to offer specific tax advice relating to corporate structures.We are able to offer a range of services to our corporate clients where we can annually take into account the performance of the company and structure an approach which is both tax efficient and achieves their financial aims and investment objectives.

Montpellier Tax Planning Guides